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I find comfort in monochrome. Hover to image posts in order to see color.

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062814. Shoot for a Cause led by Project Sundays Photography. So fun.


Lame, unused typography I made for our School-based Leadership Training. Never request for me to do something if you will let a better person do it. I feel useless that way. 

I don’t want my efforts to be thrown away.

051114. UP Diliman shots. Super late upload. Didn’t take a picture of Oble because I’m scared of the curse. They say if you take a picture of Oble before you will take UPCAT, either you will not pass or you will stay at UP for a long time.
I am not good with Landscape Photography. saddest thing ever 


I was tumblr inactive. It’s been a while.

Anyway I just want to share what I’m working on. It’s for our School-based Leadership Training in our school. 

85% done.

"Igniting the Spark: Creating the Fire of Leadership"

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